Heinrich Piepho, 1928-2004
Heinrich Piepho, 1928-2004
Nomadenm├Ądchen in Indien
gypsy girl in India

The ISO-ELEKTRA Heinrich Piepho Foundation was established and recognized on 23.2.2006 by the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior and Sport, Government Representation Hanover, Germany.

Founders are Hanna Piepho, widow of Heinrich Piepho who expired in 2004, and Dr. Michael Piepho, son of Hanna and Heinrich Piepho.

Heinrich Piepho worked from 1953 to 1993 with great success as a manager and owner of the company ISO-ELEKTRA Elektrochemische Fabrik in Elze.

After retiring from active work he followed with interest the positive development of the company under his son Dr. Michael Piepho.

He was a very open-minded person with varied interests in nature and culture at home and abroad.

By posthumously formation of a nonprofit foundation under his name and the name of the company that was a main part of his life, may the life’s work of Heinrich Piepho be kept in memory.